Giving Petals Scholarship

Giving Petals is committed to working with our community to help families that are impacted by dyslexia. Approximately 15% of people have dyslexia, and many families have multiple people in their family that have dyslexia. Our special education system cannot always support the needs of a person with dyslexia, so a person’s dyslexia often goes undetected, and a child may give up as their schooling does not help their unique learning style. It can be extremely difficult for families to afford any specialized dyslexia tutoring as the costs can be expensive, and the best intervention is one on one specialized tutoring with a dyslexic specialist. The Giving Petals Scholarship is for people with Dyslexia who need assistance with tutoring costs. 

Scholarship Details

  • Scholarship Submission Dates:
    • Opens August 1st, 2021
    • CLOSED for 2021
  • Scholarship Award Amount: Up To 50% of tutoring costs
  • Scholarship Submission Dates:
    • Opens August 1st, 2022

Scholarship Requirements

  • Must be able to show documentation of Dyslexia, or have a written referral 
  • Displays at least three of the five warning signs of Dyslexia
  • Must be able to show documentation from tutoring company that all sessions are being attended
  • Must be attending two sessions per week with at least 50 minutes per session

Scholarship Application is currently closed. Please check back in 2022.

Please download the PDF application; fill in the application with your information, and then submit it below.

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All families want the absolute best for their children. Many adults do not even realize they might have dyslexia until they are adults, and often, not until their child has difficulty reading do they know that they have dyslexia. A scholarship with Giving Petals allows families to get the needed interventions for their dyslexic child. With appropriate tutoring methods and motivation, people with dyslexia can successfully learn anything.